Sowing Stories

By Leanne Thompson
On Saturday, March 3, Big Fag Press hosted Sowing Stories, a workshop in social media strategies for ethically engaged creatives by Kirsten Bradley of Milkwood Permaculture fame. The event sold out straight away and on the day an interesting bunch of people walked through the door. Along with KSCA members Alex, Laura,

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Sowing Stories Workshop

Sowing Stories: a workshop on communications and storytelling for ethically engaged creativity.
With Kirsten Bradley from Milkwood Permaculture
Cost: $20 Places are limited, so if you’re keen then book straight away!
Date: Saturday March 3, 2018.
Time: 10am-1pm
Location: Big Fag Press, Archway 4 Jubilee Park Oval, Chapman Road, Annandale.
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Futurelands2 Videos

Revisit the Futurelands2 talks and events that took place in and around Kandos on 12 – 13 November, 2016. Huge thanks to Justin Hewitson for making these! You can also view these videos at the KSCA youtube channel. 
Farming the Land as if it was Australia: Bruce Pascoe
Fire, stars and seasons – Indigenous methodologies: Larry

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Every couple months, the KSCA gang come together for a sleepover at Ian Milliss’ house.  Because we live across the state and communicate most often via electronic media, these sleepovers are a precious time for us to get together in veritable reality and remind each other that we are all still embodied beings and that

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Confronting petrochemical culture

Gilbert Grace writes:
As a painter, with an interest in the sustainable use of materials and resources, I see common threads linking traditional painting methods, agriculture, housing, and food production.
The painting ‘supports’ – canvas, timber and the natural size used to prime and glue the them together, are sourced from the land. Canvas is

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