“it’s all about the soil” (or humus, not hummus)

On our road trip to New England I (Eloise Lindeback) was immersed in all things soil and land management, learning first hand from Tim Wright and Glenn Morris whilst visiting their regenerative farms and soaking in the knowledge other KSCA members shared with me during the long car trips.

After meeting Glenn Morris at Futurelands2 I was excited to visit the farm he manages to see his strategic grazing management practices and his methods of slowing down the water across the farm. After a great feed of organic meat (Billabong is the home of FigTrees Organic Farms), we piled into the back of his ute and he showed us the swales he built, and explained the visible changes in the landscape since he started managing the property.

It was so great to see the positive effects in person on both Glenn and Tim’s land. I could see that soil was so much more important and interesting than just dirt on the ground, I was learning how vital healthy soil is. Who knew I could be more interested in humus than I am in hummus?!


Glenn Morris and KSCA members at the highest point on Billabong, the property he manages. 

Travelling in the car with Diego Bonetto was akin to having a botanical encyclopaedia in the front seat. Intermingled between listening to Czech Pop songs was a constant commentary on which plants and weeds lined the road, and we were able to stop and forage mushrooms for dinner:

It was a great trip of building relationships and exchanging of knowledge and definitely worth the drive.

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