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Every couple months, the KSCA gang come together for a sleepover at Ian Milliss’ house.  Because we live across the state and communicate most often via electronic media, these sleepovers are a precious time for us to get together in veritable reality and remind each other that we are all still embodied beings and that

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Confronting petrochemical culture

Gilbert Grace writes:
As a painter, with an interest in the sustainable use of materials and resources, I see common threads linking traditional painting methods, agriculture, housing, and food production.
The painting ‘supports’ – canvas, timber and the natural size used to prime and glue the them together, are sourced from the land. Canvas is

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Art, culture and regional collaboration

On a nippy weekend in August, KSCA hosted a weekend gathering in beautiful rugged country outside of Rylstone, to share ideas about rural futures, art and sustainability, and rural/urban interaction. Here are Laura’s recollections.
There were 17 of us, travelling from as far north as Inverell as far south as Albury (I’ve listed those

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Alex and Laura’s big adventure day 2

So we had a long drive getting to the living classroom. It was a lot of fun, driving along narrow country roads that wound through the endless valley. It was a little bit of a shock, finding myself in the car with Laura and the first hour of the so was composed of an almost

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