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“it’s all about the soil” (or humus, not hummus)

On our road trip to New England I (Eloise Lindeback) was immersed in all things soil and land management, learning first hand from Tim Wright and Glenn Morris whilst visiting their regenerative farms and soaking in the knowledge other KSCA members shared with me during the long car trips.
After meeting Glenn Morris at Futurelands2

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A visit to “Lana”

Here are the reflections of Kim Williams, Wollongong artist, who came along on the KSCA Road Trip:
“Lana” was one of the planned farm visits on a regenerative agriculture farm tour of northern NSW. Laura Fisher initiated this trip having received some funding through Sydney University. She was encouraged to use this time as an

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Reading the Landscape

On our KSCA Regenerative Agriculture Road Trip to New England, we visited three significant agricultural landscapes: two established farms (Tim Wright and Glenn Morris) and the in-transition land of The Living Classroom.
At all three sites, our hosts walked us around, drove us about in the back of utes, and showed us detailed maps of

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Visiting Bingara’s The Living Classroom

KSCA’s first night in the New England region was spent in Bingara, at The Living Classroom‘s bunkhouse (nothing like bunk beds to make you feel like you’re on a road trip!). Here are Laura Fisher’s impressions:
We were welcomed by Rick and Susan Hutton, Linda and Garry McDouall and Francis and David Young and Francis’

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