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Reflections on cultural adaptation in practice

By Alex Wisser
Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation was recently invited to speak at “What do we teach, how do we learn”, a Sydney Biennale event at Artspace querying the relationship between art and teaching. It fell to me to string together some semi-cogent sentences in representation of our group. Preparing for the talk

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Announcing the AFS Project launch dinner and theatre event!

An Artist, a Farmer and a Scientist walk into a Bar… [a serious comedy in one act]

“In every true artist, or farmer, or scientist there is a spark, as precious as that first tiny spark with which life itself began…” Louis Bromfield, 1951
Sparks flew last year when Rick Hutton from The Living

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Sowing Stories

By Leanne Thompson
On Saturday, March 3, Big Fag Press hosted Sowing Stories, a workshop in social media strategies for ethically engaged creatives by Kirsten Bradley of Milkwood Permaculture fame. The event sold out straight away and on the day an interesting bunch of people walked through the door. Along with KSCA members Alex, Laura,

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Notes from a Comms Meeting

A very good communications strategy meeting indeed!

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