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Alex and Laura’s big adventure day 2

So we had a long drive getting to the living classroom. It was a lot of fun, driving along narrow country roads that wound through the endless valley. It was a little bit of a shock, finding myself in the car with Laura and the first hour of the so was composed of an almost

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Alex and Laura’s big adventure

Laura and I recently took a road trip to Bingara to visit our partners at The Living Classroom and other local folk to establish connection and build relationships as a means of developing the latest KSCA project “An Artist a Farmer and a Scientist walk into the bar…”.
As the title implies, the project will bring

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Eloise’s hats

What does a hat say about a human? During our New England road trip Eloise Lindebach saw the whimsy in our various head-coverings, and made this group portrait of KSCA members and some of the lovely people who showed us around.

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“it’s all about the soil” (or humus, not hummus)

On our road trip to New England I (Eloise Lindeback) was immersed in all things soil and land management, learning first hand from Tim Wright and Glenn Morris whilst visiting their regenerative farms and soaking in the knowledge other KSCA members shared with me during the long car trips.
After meeting Glenn Morris at Futurelands2

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